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    About Us 

    We are Sameeha and Asiya, and we created Sugarcane & Co. together. We are a dynamic sister team and our Sugarcane story began in Brampton in 2013. We started as hobbyists with a focus on trendy jewellery, sharing our passion and vision with family, friends and community members.  At the end of 2017, we decided to focus on bridal jewellery and accessories, and here we are today, invigorated and enthused about our venture!

    Jewellery has been a part of our lives ever since we can remember.  Our trips to India during summer holidays were often filled with long days sitting at the jewellers while our mom and our extended family designed and redesigned some of her 22k gold pieces for us and her. 

    Jewellery is an integral part of the Indian culture, and Surat, where our parents are from, is often referred to as the Diamond City, since most of the world’s diamonds are sent to there to be polished.   This tradition has led us to work with the best jewellers and source high quality simulated diamonds, Cubic Zirconia, freshwater pearls, gold, silver, and rose gold vermeil.

    We take tremendous pride in our connection with each other and our family. Sugarcane & Co. has allowed us to combine these passions with our love for jewellery.

    Sameeha now lives in Ottawa and is the co-designer & creative mind behind this venture. She has loved jewellery since a young age, often sneaking into our parent’s room to try on our mom’s fine jewelry.  When we travelled as kids, instead of buying a magnet or a souvenir, she would buy a piece of jewellery to remember each city we had traveled to.  And, let’s be honest, she still does this now!

    Asiya now lives in Toronto and is the production expert. She is super analytical (a CPA by trade) and does the heavy lifting of the business! She also loves jewellery and uses Sugarcane & Co. as a creative outlet. Although we sisters live in different cities now & focus on different areas of the business, our love of jewellery design is something that helps us connect every single day.

    We hope to bring your wedding vision to life through elegant accessories that will add the final touch to your look - XOXO

    Sameeha & Asiya
    Sugarcane & Co.